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Below is a list of Books and Media Resources available in our Library. We do not lend out these books, but students and Researchers are welcome to use our library. To do this, write to the Director using our contacts page.

  1. Wetmore, S.P&GH Towensed (1978) A geographical code for the Identification, Storage, analysis of ecological data
  2. Wetmore, S.P., H.J. Dirschl& S.W. Mbugua (1977). A comparison of six aerial censuses of Meru National Park and Bisandi Conservation Area.
  3. Dirschl, H.J., S.W. Mbugua& S.P Wetmore (1978). Preminary results from aerial censuses of livestock and wildlife of kenya's rangelands.
  4. Dirschl, H.J., &S.P Wetmore (1978).Grevy zebra's abundance and distribution in Kenya, (1977)
  5. Stelfox, J.G.&J.W Kufwafwa (1978). Objectives and achievements of Kremu's aerial survey section 1976 to September 1978 and a proposed programme for October 1978 to December 1979. 
  6. Stelfox, J.G., J.W Kufwafwa & S.W Mbugua (1979). Livestock and wild herbivore populations in Kenya rangelands in 1977 compared with 1978.
  7. Stelfox, J.G.&M Mugambi(1979). Tana delta herbivore and habitat survey, 2-5 February 1979.
  8. Kufwafwa, J.W.&J.G Stelfox(1979) distribution oflivestock and wildlife in areas within adjacent to the lake Kenyatta settlement Scheme and some implications of proposed land use plans on the conservation of wildlife in the area. (Out of stock)
  9. Peden, D.G. J.G Stelfox, J.K Mutira & Mwanje (1979). Factors affecting the precision and accuracy of nationwide aerial census of animal populations. (
  10. Stelfox, J.G. 7 D.G. PEDEN (1979). KREMU's aerial survey program; 1976-79. A paper presented at an inrenational workshop on aerial survey methods, Nairobi, Kenya census of animals populations.
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