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DRSRS Remote Sensing Services is offered to both Government, Private sectors and researchers. DRSRS has adequate staff and equipment to offer Consultancy and Government Requests in areas of Ground Surveys, Aerial Surveys and Remote Sensing.
This section provides extra information about our services including how you can request for a service, some of the work we have done and downloads to publicly available resources. If there is a resource you would want included, feel free to contact us using the Contact Us Page. We have adequate staff capacity and tools for remote sensing.


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    There many ways you can contacts us to request a service or seek more information about us. Use any one of the following:

    1. Use the Contact Us Page : Just fill in your email and Subject, enter the anti spam code and click send. Our Staff will get back to you within 2 working Days
    2. What you want may already be available on this website. Use FAQ Page or our Advanced Search. You may also want to check out the Downloads Page or our Resources Page
    3. Give us a call using the Phone Numbers available on the Contact Us Page

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