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The ASS has been conducting wildlife and livestock censuses in the arid and semi arid lands (ASALs) since 1977 to obtain spatial data on animal numbers and distribution. The data is normally collected on counties basis every 3 to 5 years in line with the national and district plans and the district focus strategy for rural development of 1983, but since the year 2008, the objectives have been pegged on the national Vision 2030 strategy.


  • To obtain data/information on wildlife and livestock numbers and distribution in the rangelands.
  • To obtain data on environmental attributes such as human settlement, vegetation structure, surface water, etc. that influence wildlife numbers
  • To monitor trends in numbers and distribution of livestock and wildlife in space and time.


  • Survey of livestock and wildlife in the Kenya rangelands;
  • Monitor status of wildlife populations (rare threatened, endangered species);
  • Undertake studies of specific environmental attributes (habitats) such as human settlements, vegetation structure, surface water, agricultural activities etc. in the rangelands.


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