The activities of the Department are undertaken under four sections namely, Ground Surveys, Aerial Surveys, Remote Sensing and Data Management as described below. To learn about each section, follow the appropriate links on the menu.

The RSS is involved in the application of remote sensing techniques, including satellite remote sensing and aerial photography, to monitor changes on natural resources in space and time and early warning system for food security planning and management. Objectives To monitor land use/cover changes over time and space; To map and monitor forest cover changes over time and space; T…
The ASS has been conducting wildlife and livestock censuses in the arid and semi arid lands (ASALs) since 1977 to obtain spatial data on animal numbers and distribution. The data is normally collected on counties basis every 3 to 5 years in line with the national and district plans and the district focus strategy for rural development of 1983, but…
The GSS conducts its activities on the ground and is mainly on inventory, mapping, assessment and monitoring vegetation through ground sampling techniques. Objectives To inventory, map, assess and monitor vegetation and wildlife and livestock habitats in the Kenya Rangelands; To undertake land use/cover mapping and monitoring (vegetation cover); To assess and monitor seasonal vegetation biomass production Activities Land degradation assessment…
This section has been in existence since the inception of this institution. It is the custodian of all the data gathered by all the sections. The Data Management Section (DMS) has made much progress towards establishing a sustainable GIS capacity within the Department. During the last year, databases have been restructured to run efficiently on new hardware and updated software.…

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