Mission and Vision

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To be a national centre of excellence in generation of data and information on the environment and natural resources for sustainable development.


To generate and promote application of data and information on natural resources support for sustainable development.

Core Mandate

DRSRS is mandated with the collection, storage, analysis, updating and dissemination of geo-spatial information on natural resources to facilitate informed decision-making for sustainable management of these resources with the major aim of alleviating poverty and environmental management. The data collected by the directorate forms the basis for formulation of policies and development plans for decision-making in various government ministries and agencies.


The main objectives of the Directorate include:

  • To Generate data for sustainable conservation of livestock/wildlife and associated environment/ecological attributes in the Kenya Rangelands;
  • To generate data for conservation and sustainable utilization of vegetation (including forest );
  • To generate data for sustainable use and conservation (land cover/ use : vegetation & forests);
  • Land use and land cover mapping for planning, conservation and management
  • To develop early warning systems for crop forecasting for food security planning and management and seasonal vegetation biomass production;
  • To develop Environmental Information Management System from the database collected since 1976; and
  • To coordinate the application of remote sensing technology in government

Achievements in 2013/14

The Directorate’s Programmes/projects are relevant to flagship projects in Vision 2030 and the main flagship projects are Securing wildlife corridors and migratory routes and land use/cover mapping as indicated under the following programs/projects:

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